Developpment of an UV LED illuminator

UV LEDs have achieved performances that now allow to consider disinfection solutions using this technology to replace the discharge sources. To make the most of UV LED sources, it is nevertheless necessary to clearly define the performance objectives expected at the application level (irradiance, uniformity, spectral distribution) and to know how to integrate them appropriately.


UV desinfection



To develop a UV LED illuminator able to kills certain type of bacteries.


Performed services

> Definition of aplication requirements (energy levels, uniformity, cost)

> Component scouting LED UV (Viosys, Vishay, LG, Luminous, Rayvio…) and selection of

appropriate LEDs.

> Design of the illuminator board (type and # UVA et UVC LEDs, electrical and thermal

functional points , PCB type de PCB, driver…).

> Prototype realization.

> Photobiological risk assessment.

Irradiance simulations with Zemaxirridiance simulation desinfection