Our expertise and technical means allow us to carry out missions of expertise and consulting on the whole life cycle of the optical systems.

You will find below the panel of expertise we can offer :

  • Market studies
  • Due diligence
  • Product / market strategic analysis
  • Use cases and application needs
  • Optical components tecnonlogical analysis (LED, sensors, matérials, processes, ...)
  • Regulation and standards (PISEO's experts participe in IEC standardization committees of light sources and lighing equipment)
  • Industrial design
  • System architectures simulation and definition
  • Spectral optimization (UV, visible, IR)
  • Innovative system design
  • Optical simulation and design using Rhino5, ZEMAX Optic Studio 17 Premium and LightTools
  • Design of freeform optics
  • Thermal management
  • Value analysis
  • Re-design to cost
  • System reliablity improvement
  • Risk analysis and FMEA
  • Process audit
  • Management of Innovative Project

Each project brings us to consolidate our know-how. Over time, the PISEO team has been able to develop knowledge and tools to quickly solve technical and strategic problems.

Using PISEO's expertise is the assurance of developing new knowledge and gaining in competitiveness.