The term "photobiological risk" refers to the potential injury of the retina due to light radiations. At the blue end of the visible spectrum, risks relate to UV light, whereas on the red side, it is more about infrared light. Hazards to the skin and eyes should therefore be considered: skin exposure, exposure of the eye surface (cornea, conjunctiva and lenses), as well as exposure of the retina.

The EN 62471-2008 standard deals with the photobiological risk and PISEO is accredited for this.
European regulations and relevant safety standards require manufacturers and marketers of lamps and lighting fixtures, in particular those using white LEDs, to assess and communicate (if RG2) the level of photobiological risk of products Marketed in Europe.
This obligation is part of the CE marking of the products.



EVERFINE OST-300 radiometric bench




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