PISEO has photometric and electrical measuring equipment for the characterization and qualification of LED optical systems.


Photometric and colorimetric measurements

  • Total luminous flux (lm)
  • Emitted spectrum (360 nm to 830 nm)
  • Colorimetric data: color coordinates (x, y), color temperature (CCT), color rendering index *(CRI*)
  • Light distribution (.ies, .ldt files),
  • UGR, Ti
  • Luminance (cd / m2)*, uniformity*
  • Chrominance*
  • Optical Flicker*

Electrical Measurements

  • Total system power (W)
  • Luminous efficacy (lm / W)
  • Power factor*
  • Energy Efficiency Class*
  • Harmonic Distortion Rate*
  • Electric Flicker*
* not under Cofrac accreditation








Gonio-photometer LMT GO DS 2 000 with far-field C-type mirror, equipped with a cooled CAS140 spectrophotometer and a YOKOGAWA WT 3000

Characteristics :

  • Detection photocell at 16.5 m
  • Angular resolution up to 0.1 °
  • F1 '<1% for V (λ)
  • Limits of the products to be tested: lighting surface diagonal up to 1.65m - weight up to 30 kg

Application fields:

  • Exploitation of IES, Eulumdat files for lighting projects simulation using dedicated software such as RELUX or DIALUX
  • Polar diagrams insertion in the development of technical data sheets or product catalogs
  • Verification of Photometric and Electrical Performance of LED Light Fixtures
  • Spectral and colorimetric analysis in a given direction
  • Color variations within the light beam

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