Light helps to ensure well being and security to human beings. The characterization of light sources and the systems that integrate them (LEDs, lamps, luminaires, vehicle lights, indicators, panels, etc.) is therefore essential for developing and manufacturing products capable of responding satisfactorily to the expectations of users.
PISEO has the skills and equipment of the highest level to carry out the photometric and colorimetric measurements you need.


Photometric and colorimetric measurements

  • Total luminous flux (lm)
  • Emitted spectrum (360 nm to 830 nm)
  • Colorimetric data: color coordinates (x, y), color temperature (CCT), color rendering index *(CRI*)
  • Light distribution (.ies, .ldt files),
  • UGR, Ti
  • Luminance (cd / m2)*, uniformity*
  • Chrominance*
  • Optical Flicker*

Electrical Measurements

  • Total system power (W)
  • Luminous efficacy (lm / W)
  • Power factor*
  • Energy Efficiency Class*
  • Harmonic Distortion Rate*
  • Electric Flicker*
* not under Cofrac accreditation








Gonio-photometer LMT GO DS 2 000 with far-field C-type mirror, equipped with a cooled CAS140 spectrophotometer and a YOKOGAWA WT 3000

Characteristics :

  • Detection photocell at 16.5 m
  • Angular resolution up to 0.1 °
  • F1 '<1% for V (λ)
  • Limits of the products to be tested: lighting surface diagonal up to 1.65m - weight up to 30 kg

Application fields:

  • Exploitation of IES, Eulumdat files for lighting projects simulation using dedicated software such as RELUX or DIALUX
  • Polar diagrams insertion in the development of technical data sheets or product catalogs
  • Verification of Photometric and Electrical Performance of LED Light Fixtures
  • Spectral and colorimetric analysis in a given direction
  • Color variations within the light beam