fiabilité diagnostic PISEO has extensive expertise and means of investivation to analyze the reliability of mechatronic systems and failures causes that may occur.

Critial product analysis


We realize systems construction critical analysis from visual observations preformed on each product parts. These observations take into account the following aspects:

  • electronic and optical components used
  • electronic boards design
  • electronic boards manufacturing
  • product assembly
  • design choices
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Critical analyzes can be associated with performance tests. By correlating the results with our observations, it us thus possible to give a general opinion on the quality of such analyzed products.


Visual observations can also be supplemented by further tests (thermal, Rx, endurance, robustness...) to provide more knowledges on systems behavior and associated risks.


Reliability analysis

We carry out investigations on faulty systems in order to identify causes and to solve them.

These investigations may be more or less complex depending on the encountered situations. Our approach is generally based on 2 steps: first, causes research based on visual observations and primary electrical tests, then, possible mobilization of more specific resources and equipment through our partner, SERMA Technologies, if causes could not be highlighted in the first step.



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  • Oscilloscopes
  • Powermeters
  • Thermal camera
  • X Rays*
  • Climate chambers*
  • Electron microscope*

* Testing facilities located at our partner SERMA Technologies