Our technical skills, our equipment, our knowledge of applications and markets, as well as our working methods allow us to intervene from the upstream research to the marketing of the products

Our approach

Our approach to research and innovation is based on long experience acquired in large international companies and SMEs, leaders in their fields.

We consider that only a structured and coherent process that integrates usage, physiological and technical needs, and technologies and markets can contribute effectively to the creation of innovative solutions. To achieve this, we clearly distinguish between research activities aimed at generating knowledge and reducing risks, from offer creation activities aimed at rapidly bringing to the market technical solutions or services.

We continuously carry out research programs that allows the advancement of scientific knowledge and the building of technological bricks which can then be implemented when designing innovative optical systems or in apprehending applications.

As part of the design activities, we work mainly upstream of the product creation process to specify the optical system that will best meet the technical and economic objectives of the Customer, in a sustainable and robust way. In the development and industrialization phases, our role is mainly to support the Customer to ensure an integration of the optical system that guarantees performance and cost objectives. For this purpose, we organize the transfer of the necessary knowledge to the electronic and mechanical design offices and take part in the design reviews. We also use the measurement equipment of our accredited laboratory throughout this process.

The graph below illustrates our approach and the R&I activities that we are able to undertake in each phase.

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