Project examples

Below you will find a non-exhaustive list that expresses the diversity of projects that the PISEO experts can handle.

  • Camera module for innovative bar code reader.
  • UV LED module for disinfection.
  • Characterization of IR sensor.
  • Freeform silicone lens for public lighting.
  • Distance measurement by confocal chromatic system.
  • Prevention of the "taste of light - Gout de lumiere" in Champagne cellars.
  • Light engine for optical fibers fabric for the automobive market.
  • Light guide for automotive door sill display.
  • Design of Phototherapy device.
  • Laser risk assessment of a Time Of Flight system.
  • Adaptive front light for vehicles.
  • Configurable computer keyboard.
  • Design of High power IR illumination module.
  • Optical coupling of a Li-Fi system.
  • Colorimetric index of luminous beam of projector.
  • EU Collaborative R&D project DELPHI4LED.