Our mobile photometric measurement means allow us to carry out measurements on site to check the visual comfort in indoor and outdoor lighting.


  • Cartography of luminances (cd / m2)
  • Uniformity Illumination (lux)
  • Color temperature (K)
  • D u, v

Technical means

LUMETRIX Video-Luminance Camera: :

  • Large Dynamic measures: from 0.026 cd / m² to 100M cd / m² High Resolution 5M Pixels - Excellent Sensitivity and Reproducibility Various wide angle, zoom or macro optics depending on the application Accuracy of measurement obtained on the luminance value is 3%

CCD camera equipped with a photopic filter V (λ) between the optics and the CCD sensor, which retranscribes the perception / sensitivity of the human eye by day according to the RGB tri-stimulus. The measurement reflects thus the reality of what a user feels before a luminous scene or a luminaire, in candela per m2 and for a given configuration.

Konica-Minolta CL-200A Luxmeter-chromameter :

  • 0,1 to 99990 lux