+ 95% of our customers recommend us !


As every year PISEO has performed a satisfaction survey towards its customers.

Out of a panel of 175 customers, +95% would recommend us.

simulation optique satisfaction

100% of our customers are satisfied with our design and characterization services of advanced optical systems.

satisfaction etude optique

Our customers particularly appreciated:

"the complementarity between expertise and optical simulations",

"responsiveness and quality of the reports",

"the professionalism of the optical experts and the quality of the results obtained",

"participation in the tests; always very rewarding."


As a shared mutual innovation platform, PISEO offers services for technological analysis and upstream design of industrial illumination, detection and imaging systems for all types of application, as well as optical metrology services in the field of UV, VIS and IR radiations.

Specialists in the integration of photonic technologies (LED, VCSEL, laser diodes, detectors, image sensors, spectrometers, lidar, luminophores, optical materials ...), design and optical metrology, we support you in realizing your innovation objectives and optimization.

PISEO is ISO 17025 accredited by COFRAC for testing and CIR, CII and EASYTECH approved for R&D services.

Do not hesitate to contact us : +33 4 26 83 02 25 or contact@piseo.fr