Thermal measurements of LED based illumination systems

mesure thermique

The performance of LED based illumination systems (lamps, modules, luminaires) depends strongly on LEDs thermal management.

A junction temperature (area of the semiconductor from which the light is emitted) too high can generate:

a significant reduction in product lifetime (up to 50% at 10 ° C)

a significant loss of luminous flux

a reduced energy efficiency

a drift of spectral distribution therefore colorimetric coordinates

aging (yellowing) of the optics



Thermal camera temperature mapping

cartographie thermique

This type of measurement makes heat dissipation efficiency analysis of the measured system and hot spots detection possible.

Punctual thermocouple measurements

Measurements using thermocouples are accurate and allow acquisitions to be made over long periods of time.




Thermal camera :

caméra thermique

Thermocouples & acquisition central