Optimization of a photherapy device


The effects of visible and non-visible light on the human body are increasingly known and their application in the medical and paramedical fields is developing strongly.However, a good knowledge of the physiological effects of light and a perfect mastery of the design of optical systems are essential to create efficient products from a spectral and energy point of view.

With their experience in creating optical illumination systems using LEDs or laser diodes (UV, VIS, IR) and the high-level technical means at their disposal, PISEO experts support you in developing systems optimized formedical and paramedical applications.


Phototherapy, unlike light therapy, is a treatment that uses visible and non-visible optical radiation from light (UVA, UVB, near infrared) to produce effects on human tissue.Its applications are numerous: cancer treatment, psoriasis, eczema, infant jaundice, ophthalmology ... The light sources used for these treatments can be of the laser, laser diode or LED type.

Within the framework of this project, we worked on a product intended to accelerate the cicatrization of the skin thanks to a targeted optical radiation in visible and near infrared and functioning autonomously by use of a battery.In particular, we have optimized the optical coupling between the LEDs and the light guide to significantly improve the radiation on the skin and the autonomy of the device.


To carry out a critical analysis of the construction of the system, quantify and improve energy efficiency and radiation effect by optimizing the integration of the LED light sources.

conception phototherapie irradiance

Performed services

>Critical analysis of the existing system (performance, construction, LED components).

> Integration of product architecture in ZEMAX OpticStudio and simulation of optical performance.

> Consolidation of performance objectives (spectral distribution and irradiation level) to be achieved in relation to physiological needs.

> Optical System Redesign by use of ZEMAX OpticStudio: System Efficiency multiplied by 3 as a result.

> Support for the realization of the prototype.

> Characterization of optical performances in PISEO's photometric test lab (irradiance, spectral power distribution, energy) by means of a large spectral band Instrument Systems spectroradiometer CAS 140D (300nm-1100nm)