Failure analysis of systems


fiabilité diagnostic

Optical systems can integrate many electronic and optical components which can be sources of breakdowns when they are poorly adapted to the conditions of use or poorly integrated.

With their skills and technical means, PISEO experts are able to identify the root causes of system failures and propose solutions to improve their reliability.

Root cause analysis methodology

- Visual observation of faults, reproduction of faults.

- Disassembly of products and visual analysis of components and electronic cards (design, manufacturing).

- Optical, electrical, thermal measurements.

- Analysis of the construction and the materials used.

- X-ray analysis, physico-chemical analyzes.

- Analysis report presenting the probable causes of failure and recommendations for improvement.


Yellowing of silicone due to photochemical effect caused by the interaction between silicone

and the sulfur contained in an EPDM seal.


Technical means

- Binocular
- Optical benches
- Oscilloscopes
- Multirmeters
- Thermal camera
- X Rays eqipment
- Electron microscope