OLED displays accelerated aging test program


Human-machine interfaces (HMI) are more and more present in our daily life and their definition increases with the evolution of screen technologies.OLED technology is one of these technologies and integrators must make choices of relevant suppliers to guarantee the visual performance of displays over time according to the intended uses.

With their skills in mechatronic systems and optical measurement, and equipped with suitable equipment, PISEO experts carry out accelerated aging test programs to check the reliability and optical performance of displays over time.



automotive display checking


Example of integration of an OLED display in an automobile dashboard


To check the optical behaviour of displays over time.

Performed services

>Initial optical and colorimetric measurements:

- point luminance,

- average luminance

- uniformities,

- Contrasts,

- color coordinates,

- 2D maps of luminances, colors

- dead pixels

> Aging tests during xxxh through a specific protocol

> Optical and colorimetric measurement after aging tests

> Results analysis and test report

automotive display benchmarking

Accelerated aging in climate chamber


luminance display automotive

Sample of tested device


luminance display benchmark

View and measures treatment using the Photometrica software from Westboro Photonics